Unpacking After Moving

Unpacking After Moving

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You have successfully moved your belongings to your new home, give yourself a pat on the back! Now, the next step before you can really feel at home is to unpack your boxes, which is confusing and challenging to most people. How do you even begin unpacking all these boxes?

Where to begin unpacking?

  • First, you and your family will need to take a tinkle, so unpack the toilet paper, hygiene products, etc. Take your dogs for a walk to relieve them as well.
  • Your first thing to unpack should be perishables: anything that should be kept frozen or refrigerated, medications that require cooling, etc.

The next steps on moving day

  • Beds: get your and your children’s beds and sheets unpacked and ready for bed: children will be tired after moving day and need a place to lay their heads.
  • Right after this, start unpacking your pet’s beds, to make them feel safe at home.

After moving day

  • Kitchen items should be a priority, as ordering take – out is not only expensive, it’s unhealthy.
  • Clothes: Organize your wardrobe and the children’s wardrobe.
  • Large furniture: Sofas, dining room table & chairs, etc.
  • Entertainment: TV, coffee maker, internet router, etc. This is less important than your bed, but makes you feel more at home
  • Home office: In case you work from home, make this a priority and organize your home office.
  • Important documents: your important documents should be safely organized, not packed up in boxes in your garage. Make a designated place for them – some important documents need a waterproof bag.

Do you really need to unpack yourself?