About Us

Very few people consider moving a fun thing to do – most of them think of it as a hectic, stressful time that is necessary to go through whenever one’s changing the location of their home or business. Moving doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do if you consult and hire a professional moving company. Out of all the Chicago movers, we at Chicago Movers Near me – STI Moving & Storage are the best choice for many reasons.

We Have Our Own Team Of Movers

Our guys are the best team one can offer. They are polite and friendly, but at the same time very capable and professional to do the job fast. There are no contractors in our case – we have a well-known team. It is the best solution for you because you need to trust the people who will handle your valuable goods. It’s all worry-free with our men!

Our Prices Are As Low As They Can Get

if you are struggling to find some of the Chicago moving companies with fair pricing, turn to us. Our service always corresponds our estimate, which is free of charge. You can quickly sign up for an on-site price estimate to calculate your total cost. Ripping you off is not an option.

Available For Questions

you can always contact our call center for any doubts or help you need regarding the organization, or if you want to make some changes. Our operators are always polite and helpful.

Experience In Moving

our company exists and successfully operates for over a decade now. At Chicago Movers Near me – STI Moving, we have all the necessary equipment and resources for the moving business to make it as stress-free and comfortable as possible.