Planning a Moving Timeline

Planning a Moving Timeline

Moving is one of the events in your life that you have to organize well. This way, once you move into your new home, you know where all your belongings are and can effortlessly unload them. However, you must have a plan. We hope these home relocation and moving tips make your move as easy as possible.

Send notifications in advance

Notify the telephone, electric, gas and water companies and the local city council of the address change at least a few weeks before the move. Tell your employer and the school if you have children. In this way you will avoid confusion and the formal change of address will also be a fluid process. Make sure to forward any other mail to your primary address.

Access to transfer cart and transport boxes

You need to make sure that the moving truck can stop near the entrance of your home. Inform your neighbors about the move and if parking permits are needed, it is your responsibility to have them mostly if you will be doing long distance move.

Prepare in advance

Don’t start packing at the last minute. If you work and have a family, you should start packing and arranging for relocation as soon as possible. We recommend that you start at least a few weeks before your transition date. This is especially important as you will also have to fix things with your new home and take on other responsibilities.

Unplug your devices

You must unplug all electrical appliances before the moving crew arrives. You should also empty the fridge and freezer.

You will need a lot of moving boxes, sealing tapes, and packing materials. Ask for more than you think is necessary. You will need strong tape to close the boxes securely. You can use unprinted newspaper and bubble wrap to wrap all your belongings. We highly recommend that you wrap your valuable and fragile items in bubble wrap or hire a moving expert to wrap them by the help of corporate or local movers.