Moving Out With Our Furry Friends

Moving Out With Our Furry Friends

I’d love to say that your pet will have fun moving with you. However, this might not be the case. If you have a furry friend, you will need to do the following things to ensure that your moving day is successful.

1. Size Up His/Her Temperament

You probably already know your best friend well by now. However, you might not be thinking about your pet when it comes to the packers. If you believe your animal will be in the way, then you may have to put it in a cat carrier or dog kennel for the day. If you are getting movers, perhaps you will consider taking a day trip with the pet rather than going through the hassle of being around.

2. Local Moves Are Less Stress On Your Pet

Your pet will sense a long car trip. If this is simply a local move, you don’t need to pull out all the stops. You can even explore the new neighborhood with your pet while the relocation is taking place. If you have a cat, get the cat to wander the new house while you wait for your belongings. If you have a dog, you can go on a walk in the area. The process can be exciting and a fun way to introduce your pet to the new digs.

3. Long Distance Moves are Hard on Pets

Moving to a new place will be inherently hard on a pet. There will be a long car ride. Some pets are used to these rides. Make sure that you get out and take stretch breaks. Even if you have a cat, you can buy a cat lease so the cat can get out of the car periodically. Remember, do not leave your pets unattended in the vehicle. You should always include your pet on the moving adventure for their safety and your sanity during the remaining trip. Pets that are getting breaks, food, water, and potty pit stops are more likely to make enjoyable traveling companions.