Moving Experience In Summer – What’s Important To Know?

Moving Experience In Summer – What’s Important To Know

Some people prefer moving during winter months, but it’s rather rare, as most of the relocations happen in summer. As at any other time, there are aspects worth considering. Why don’t you have a look at them for a stressless moving experience?


The busiest time for movers.

As mentioned before, summer is the most popular time for relocations. That means it’s better to hurry up with planning and booking a moving company.


The heat will interfere.

Doing anything during the summer months is hard enough, so investing some time for making better conditions for you and the moving crew will improve and speed up the process. This is what’s worth preparing:


Cooldown the new house before moving.

Imagine unloading boxes in the place with no AC working. You will make sure to put a reminder to turn on the air conditioner before the moving day.

  1. Choose proper clothing.

Wearing a tank and shorts is not the best idea for a hot day, especially for carrying heavy boxes that may scratch the skin. If it’s an afternoon and the sun is hot, ensure to put long sleeves and chinos to avoid the sunburns.

  1. Stock Up Disinfectors.

Coronavirus is still there, so this point is one of the top priorities. If you use a moving company’s service, they should have sanitizers in the truck, but taking extra precautions is our new reality.

  1. Prepare Sunscreen.

A healthy dose of sun is just 15 minutes per day, and you probably will spend more time outside. That’s why we suggest using sunscreen in case of being exposed outside for too long.

  1. Take Care Of Things Which Don’t Do Well In Heat.

We advise you to stop doing groceries a week before planned relocation to minimize the food you’ll have to bring with you. But besides this, some electronics may melt from being for too much time in a hot truck. Make sure to pack them separately and load the last moment.

  1. Ensure To Have Enough Water.

Dehydrating is the way to get heatstroke, so having enough bottled water when moving is essential.


Depending on your location, summer can be the most comfortable time for relocating. Or an absolute “NO,” but if you experience a scorching summer and don’t have time to plan, maybe moving in winter is the best solution.