How To Minimize Your Packing Time

How To Minimize Your Packing Time

When transporting your packed items into a moving van – and sometimes even when getting them into your home! – it’s always nice to have a buddy. But do you trust anyone else to do the packing for you? I know I don’t let anyone touch my grandmother’s fine china, I pack that myself and try to save it for last.

But packing feels like a month-long job when it should take barely a day. So how can you shorten your packing time?


Setting the right kind of mood is tantamount in this kind of situation, especially when your mind is teeming with stories about how you got the items you’re packing, but you have no one to share them with! So set up a good Spotify playlist in an out-of-the-way place, and let it run through all the music you could ever dream of while you pack. Let yourself “groove” a little as you go, especially when doing some of the cleanings after moving bigger cabinets or your much-lighter fridge.


Try setting up your packages as you go – more delicate and fragile things (like those dishes!) in the back portion of your living room with the bulk items right in front! You want anyone who walks in with the intent of bringing something OUT to be able to grab-and-go those big items to whisk them right out later!

Do as much organizing as possible while you pack so that you don’t have to run into the micromanaging hassle of moving after, starting with putting your box wherever it will remain rather than in the attention-grabbing center of the room. As long as you go into packing up with the right mindset – and fewer boxes lying around when you begin – you’ll remember easily!

Roll Credits on Tape!

Lastly, do NOT forget your tape! Tape is better for doors than for boxes in the case of moving, but taping shut that smaller top box on each pile will make a read-to-carry little crate for yourself and your moving buddy!