Movers Near Me Gurnee

Long distance moves are generally considered moves that happen 100 miles away from the origin location. There are many large company movers out there to choose from that can help you with a long distance move, but when you move to a new state there are many other considerations that need to be considered.


The company of local movers that you choose should be aware of the various state laws, restrictions, etc. Generally speaking, most frequent moves happen locally. Therefore, there are only a few things that a person or a company looking to relocate need to take into account. Price is only one of them, but should be the last concern on your list.

When moving, locally, besides price, people and companies may want to consider the type of insurance coverage that the company they are considering hiring have in place. It’s one thing to just hire a company solely on price, but then you may want to consider how you might be able to get recourse should the movers that you hire damage your goods during a moving job.

Price alone should not be a gauge that a business owner or individual should use for hiring a moving company service provider as it is very easy for a few friends to get together, rent a moving truck and come over and do a move for cheap, however, they do not provide the necessary assurances mentioned earlier.

There is also no real governing agency to report claims to should the rag tag moving company destroy your stuff. The only recourse here would be to try and sue the movers, but how long and drawn out would that process be and at what expense? It’s probably better to just do your homework upfront and go with a reputable, legitimate moving company.

In Gurnee the governing body that a party can resort to in order to get an issue with a moving company resolved is called the Public Utilities Company or the “PUC.” This organization holds a list of registered legitimate companies that have all paid their dues and are real businesses. Isn’t it nice to know that you can go to a supportive, policing agency like the “PUC” should you have a problem with your moving service?

Whenever you’re looking for local movers in Gurnee that you are going to use to move yourself or company within the state, be sure that you consider whether or not the company has a good reputation, is a legitimate company and whether or not they are registered with your local state governing authority if there is one. After you’ve done all of this then you can start talking price. Remember though, in order for the company to be expected to do a good job and stay in business they do have to make some sort of profit so keep that in mind. You can’t get great service if you’re not willing to pay a little for it. Then again, if price is all you care about… you can take your chances with possible scam artists on anonymous classified ad sites.