Don’t Miss These Things When Moving Last Minute

Don’t Miss These Things When Moving Last Minute

Sometimes life gives is sudden tasks, like when you get promoted and have to move urgently to another city or a state. And moving is already stressful enough, but moving with short notice may become a real challenge.

Packing and preparing are the most time-consuming parts, so it’s easy to miss some important things to do before you move.

We prepared them in this short check-list:

  • Inform about your relocation. If you rent your house or apartment, don’t forget to notify the landlord and roommates, if you have them. Yes, you’ll probably get distracted with the main prep and miss such a small but essential step!
  • Update your address. If you receive some mail regularly, cancel or adjust your subscription as well so you won’t miss anything at the new place.
  • Notify your utility providers. Certainly you want to have electricity at your new house so make sure you give notice to your utility service providers in advance!
  • Use packing and moving service. It’s tense enough to arrange everything at the new place to spend energy on packing. Professional packers can take care of your belongings before and after the relocation. They will put all boxes where you need and unpack right at arrival (like we do at Chicago Movers Near Me). 
  • Order professional cleaners. Another way to save some time and power is to delegate cleaning your old house. Especially if you rent it, you definitely want to leave it perfectly clean.
  • Hand over the keys. The last step at your old house, you did it!

Nowadays so many processes become easier as you can order any service you need and still enjoy your life and focus on your priorities. And even if it’s a last-minute move, you can make it stress-free!