How To Choose Moving Service In Chicago, Illinois

How To Choose Moving Service In Chicago, Illinois

America sees a raise in moving, including across states, so the question “how to choose the best moving company” becomes relevant again. For that, we prepared the list of things to consider.

Service Areas.

Probably, the first point to check and see if a company fits your needs. Check it on the related page with a list or a map.

License And Insurance.

It’s a crucial point to check. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, every moving company has to have a license and insurance. Still, it’s important to note that the insurance level has to be appropriately maintained. If you see that a company is registered, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has a governmental agency’s endorsement.

You can usually find licenses in the “About Us” section or at the bottom of the home page. To check the company’s records, you should paste their DOT or MC number on the U.S. Department of Transportation page. Also, you can see if there are complaints.


It’s not the most critical point, but still one of them. If a company managed to stay in business for many years, they probably had enough of satisfied clients. Though any company is people, and its service quality depends on who works there now.


Sometimes the long history of a company doesn’t promise quality service; that’s why you should check recent reviews. It’s worth to check it not only on the company’s web page as it’s not likely to post a negative comment there. Go to the company’s social site page or search in the browser.

Keep in mind that people tend to share the negative experience more often and in a more emotional way than positive, so try to focus on relevant factors.

Moving Services.

Especially if you have some specific equipment to move or a big office, you should see if the company offers this type of service. If it’s a regular relocation, checking section “local/long-distance move” should be enough. In any case, it’s worth double-checking with a company via a call.

Other Services. 

Other services may include providing storage if you need to keep your boxes out of your house for a while. In this case, check what kind of storage it is, if there is air conditioning, etc.

Other services may also mean packing supplies; it’s very convenient to order everything in one place. Some companies can offer you help in evaluating how much of packing supplies you need. E.g., some companies, which rent moving plastic boxes, design packages based on average household (e.g., from one to four-room apartments).

Some companies offer “White Gloves” service when they take care of all the packing. If you don’t own the time for packing or don’t trust yourself with fragile and valuable possessions, this option may fit your needs.

Compare The Costs.

Moving can’t be cheap, it’s time and resource-consuming process and depends on factors like household size and moving distance. But still, the price may vary from company to company; we suggest you check it in advance.

Additional fees.

If you have special requests, you can check it before appointing the date, but if you face something unexpected on the way, don’t hesitate to call your company as soon as possible to see what charges may be applied in your specific case.