5 Packing Tips to Consider When Relocating

5 Packing Tips to Consider When Relocating

One of the most significant challenges you’ll often encounter when moving independently – is the complex packing process. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, at least 45% of Americans prefer DIY options when relocating. However, the majority of Americans opt for professional packers, more so when making a long-distance move.

How do you ensure that you pack all your belongings securely? Here, you’ll learn five tips to help you prepare adequately for relocation.

1. The Earlier You Start Packing the Better

Unless the decision to relocate is abrupt or urgent, packing as far in advance as possible is the best solution. When you start packing early, you get the advantage of time, which means you can allocate extra attention to delicate items. Beginning the process in advance also ensures that you dispose of the extra burgage by taking time to declutter.

2. Use the Right Size Boxes

Finding the right-sized boxes for each item is imperative when moving. You should always pack heavy items in smaller boxes, whether it is a local move or a long-distance. On the other hand, you should pack lighter items inside bigger boxes. Any mistakes related to size when packing complicates the process of moving and increases the chances of breakages.

3. Make Early Bookings

If you intend to hire the best packers in Chicago, you must book their services early. It’s not advisable to make last-minute bookings, especially when considering corporate relocation. Engaging a mover early allows them adequate time to pack all your stuff on time and in full regard to best practices.

4. Label Each Item

For easy offloading and settling into the new destination, each box must be well-labeled. Professional movers always insist on labeling each box to ensure better handling. Labeling also makes it easy to identify delicate items.

5. Always Pack Heavier Items at the Bottom

This is the general rule of thumb when moving. Heavier items should always be at the bottom of the boxes, while lighter items remain on top. When loading your items, all heavier boxes should be nearer to the front to ensure a balance.

Having a professional mover by your side when relocating makes this process easy.